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Prominent Taxi, LLC is a definitive and registered taxi cab and dispatch services company based in San Antonio, Texas. Our company is well-organized and equipped with reliable and timely cab services tools, such as in-app credit and debit access, and computer-aided transiting tools. We are set to build a reputation through our services delivery and our highly courteous taxi cab drivers add value to us.

Prominent Taxi aims to provide comfortable Taxi Cab Services in San Antonio, Texas to our clients irrespective of their social and financial status. Broadly, our services include taxi services. We are passionate about the pursuit of quality service delivery and offering tenacious services integrity, as well as maximizing opportunities to earn and break business frontiers in the transport industry.

Prominent Taxi, LLC is a company that will be dedicated to establishing good business relationships with our clients giving them value for their money and reasons for them to hire our services over and over again. Thus, we are passionate about becoming the number one choice in our immediate area of operations in San Antonio, TX.

Our Mission

Prominent Taxi is committed to providing customers with absolute confidence in their taxi business, and supply chain needs are our number one priority. Our team offers our customers a hassle-free, professional experience. We are committed to extraordinary customer service at every interaction, from pick up to drop of operations. Every customer is essential, and we strive to exceed your expectations. We design, initiate and manage safety transportation and taxi business strategies for our customers. Partnering with the City of San Antonio allows us to focus on what is best for the San Antonio community and the community we serve throughout the year.

Our Vision

Our founders each have decades of industry experience – over ten years combined. From that experience, we will strive every single day to be the absolute best taxi transportation. Like nearly every industry in the world, transportation changes daily. We adapt to change by embracing technical advancements that make sense for us and bring value to our customers.

Our Values

Prominent Taxi, LLC is built on Honesty, Loyalty, Persistence, and Fairness and will never abandon these core values.

Honesty: The firm belief that your word is all that you have to offer. Trust is hard to gain and easily lost. No problem cannot be solved with timely, honest communication.

Loyalty: We will never get where we are going without lasting partnerships and friendships. We recognize that commitment and faithfulness are essential to our success.

Persistence: The relentless focus on the end goal. Getting the job done every time without sacrificing quality or expectations.

Fairness: Always treat people right. Sustainability can only result when all parties can gain in some form from each transaction.

Reliability: We do what we say and deliver what we promise. With full-circle attention to your taxi needs, you can relax knowing that your ride is safe and on time.

Talk to Us!

For your concerns, questions, and other inquiries, feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We are more than glad to help you out.