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There’s nothing like a smooth journey to go to where you need to be. At Prominent Taxi, we are passionate about the pursuit of quality service delivery, which is why we maintain an efficient cab service business that maximizes opportunities for both our clients and our employees.

Prominent Taxi remains positive and set to pursue our values and promote quality service that will drive us towards making the company a top choice for Taxi Cab Services in San Antonio, Texas.

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What We Do Services We Offer

Prominent Taxi, LLC offers a variety of taxi and dispatch services that will surely meet your needs. Here is some of what we offer.

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Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

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Hotel Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

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Professional Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

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Ensuring Safety COVID-19 Updates

As we strive to become one of the leading taxi services in Texas, we always keep the safety of our employees and clients in mind. Find out how we respond to COVID-19 here.

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You're Important to Us Our Mission Statement

Prominent Taxi is committed to providing customers with absolute confidence in their Taxi business, and supply chain needs are our number one priority. Our team offers our customers a hassle-free, professional experience…

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